Yoshio Ishiguro

Yoshio Ishiguro received his Ph.D. (Information Studies) in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo. He was also a Research Fellow at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. After that, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Disney Research. Currently, he works as a Project Associate Professor at Nagoya University, and as a senior researcher at TierIV Inc.

His research interests include mixed reality, augmented reality, infotainment for the autonomous vehicle, and human-computer integration. He is a member of the Information Processing Society of Japan and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Email: ishiy [:at:]

名古屋大学未来社会創造機構 特任准教授,東京大学大学院情報学環 客員准教授,株式会社ティアフォー Senior Researcher,  名古屋大学未来社会創造機構 ティアフォー自動運転デザインセンター 副センター長.博士(学際情報学).

東京大学暦本研究室で博士号を取得後.米国Walt Disney ImagineeringでPost-Doc研究員を経て現職.2012年Good Design Award Best 100に選出.専門はHuman Computer Interaction,Human Augmentation.


(as of 16 Jan 2018)
1983: Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

August 2018 – present: Tier IV, Inc.
Vice Director of Tier IV Intelligent Vehicle Design and Development Center,
Senior Researcher
(Cross Appointment with Nagoya Univ.)

July 2017 – present: The University of Tokyo, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Tokyo, JAPAN
Visiting Associate Professor.

December 2015 – present: Nagoya University, Institute of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya, Aichi, JAPAN
Project Associate Professor.

March 2015 – present: Mirai Matrix (General incorporated association), Nagoya, Aichi, JAPAN

April 2015 – presentAichi University of the Arts, Nagakute, Aichi, JAPAN
Lecturer (part-time)

September 2014 – November 2015: Nagoya University, Institute of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya, Aichi, JAPAN
Project Lecturer/ Project Assistant Professor.

March 2013 – August 2014:  Disney Research Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA,  U.S.
Post Doc Researcher

April 2009 – October 2012: The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, JAPAN
Ph.D. candidate in Information Studies
With Prof. Jun Rekimoto, Applied Computer Science Course, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies [Rekimoto Lab.]

November 2012 – January 2013: Internship
Sony Computer Science Laboratory

May 2012 –   December 2012: Assistant
RIKEN Brain Science Institute [AI Lab]

April 2009 –  March 2012:  JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)
The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

August 2009 – August 2010: Internship
Sony Computer Science Laboratory

April 2005 – March 2009: Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, JAPAN
B.Eng. / M.Eng. in Science and Engineering
With Prof. Asako Kimura, Prof. Fumihisa Shibata and Prof. Hideyuki Tamura [RM2C Lab.]

April 1999 – March 2005: Toyota National College of Technology, Toyota, JAPAN
Associate Degree
With Prof. Fumio Matsuda [TCTICE]

June 2001 – July 2002: Nobelgymnasitiet, Karlstad, SWEDEN
Foreign exchange student
Swedish language and intercultural communication study, AFS

e-mail: ishiy( at )


  1. JST ACT-I, 2016 – 2017
  2. JSPS Resarch Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1), 2009-2012



Research Theme

Human Computer Integration (Interaction), Interaction with Autonomous Driving Vehicle, 3D Printed Functional Objects,  Daily Usable Eye Tracker, Mixed/Augmented Reality , Gaze Based Human Memory Enhancement, Image Processing, Deep Neural Network (DNN), Artificial Intelligent (AI), Internet of Things (IoT)

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