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  1. Ada Luo says:

    Hello Dr. Yoshio Ishiguro,
    I have just discovered LOAM, it is great work and this what I was exactly looking for. I am using velodyne VLP-16 and HDL32E. My requirement is pointcloud registration and coloring (mapping RGB) in real time. I am trying to integrate monocular camera sensor with vlp-16 and stereo camera with hdl-32e. Right now I am post processing the data for point cloud coloring.
    I have following queries:

    How to process LOAM in real time using both the Velodyne sensors?(If somebody has tried it in real time please do write me the steps and instructions)
    Has anyone integrated this LOAM along with camera sensor?
    This would be really a great help. Many thanks in advance!


  2. ishi96440 says:

    Hi. I’m just using LOAM. So, I’m not sure about the algorithm of source code. You may need to ask original developers.

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