We propose a method for information extraction and presentation using recorded eye gaze data, i.e., life-log video data. We call our method GazeCloud, which essentially uses gaze information for the generation of thumbnail images. One of the usages of wearable computing, personal life-logs are becoming increasingly possible. However, an aspect that needs to be addressed is information retrieval through different browsing methods. It is also well known that human memory recall is aided by effective presentation of information. Our propose method GazeCloud calculates the importance of information from gaze data that is consequently used for the generation of thumbnail images. This method performs the calculation using the eye gaze duration and hot spot information. Additionally, we construct a prototype daily-use wearable eye tracker system.


Yoshio Ishiguro, Jun Rekimoto, GazeCloud: A Thumbnail Extraction Method using Gaze Log Data for Video Life-Log,  Proceedings of the sixteenth annual International Symposium on Wearable Computers, June 18-22, 2012, Newcastle, UK.


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